Saturday, August 15, 2009

Former borders in Bukovina

Last weekend I was in Cornu Luncii (Suceava), where I visited a tiny museum on the road that links Falticeni to Gura Humorului. Even if you by chance get to observe it and read the indication "muzeu", you would probably not stop. Pity. Its beautiful interior - larger than one can imagine from outside - reproduces a local peasant house, presenting traditional objects, furniture and textiles. But that is not why this museum - inaugurated in November 2008 - is so charged with importance.

Till the end of WWI, this place was the customs office, created in 1809 at the border between Romania and the Austro-Hungarian Duchy of Bukovina. It was through this place that, in November 1918, the first Romanian troops entered Bukovina since it was annexed by the Austrians in 1775.

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