Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ready for baptism

On November 8th 2008, the house got finally ready for the sfestania - the blessing ceremony for its opening. Coincidentally, it was St. Gabriel and St. Michael's Day according to the Christian-Orthodox calendar. The priest of Draguseni (sitting at the table's head) officiated the ceremony, to which were present many relatives, Romanian and Brazilian friends as well as H.E. Vitor Gobato, Ambassador of Brazil in Romania.


andreeatan said...

Fernando, the house seems to stand on it's own in a deserted area. How close is your closest neighbour? Or is it just the angle at which the photo was taken?
I know, I know... you'll just say 'come and see for yourself!' and quite rightfully so... I promise I will. However, at the treasure you are describing and the warm and personal services you and Elena provide, I don't want to rush it. I want to spend at least one week with you there and thoroughly explore the house, the area, your friendship and every other thing that is to be explored around there. Looking forward to it.

Fernando said...

Andreea, as you know, the Romanian village has almost a snake-like shape, with its houses lined up close to the road. Our house has indeed a different concept: it stands on a 2ha piece of agricultural land without fences, 250m far from the road, in order to offer a better landscape and avoid noise. We are really waiting for you there! Spend slowly your days in Draguseni and surroundings but come quickly!