Monday, December 22, 2008

Surroundings of Draguseni

I have divided the area 100km around the village of Draguseni in four different zones, according to the distance the guests wish to reach, leaving in the morning and coming back on the same day to overnight with us. We may propose guided tours according to your personal interests or, if you come with your own vehicle, we may give you orientations about what to see around. Strategically located, Draguseni may serve as headquarters in order to easily prospect all of Northern Moldavia (Suceava, Neamt, Iasi and Botosani counties), Eastern Transylvania, Székely Land, Bukovina and part of Bessarabia.


andreeatan said...

Fernando, you mention on this blog your other, 'exclusive' hideaway, in Fierbinti (the one I have been fortunate enought to visit a couple of times already). When will we see a blog dedicated to it?

Fernando said...

Dear Andreea, the blog on the Fierbinti Hideaway is under construction and I shall announce it here as soon as it is ready!